Fly fishing is one of the popular sports that can make you addicted to nature. Numerous species of fish can be caught during the transit, with different new fish every time. No matter what are the fishing places like saltwater, sweet water, lakes, ponds, estuaries, rivers, or freshwater, the fish can be caught by the anglers. Here are the best places in the world for fly fishing.

United Kingdom:

A huge variety of fish species can be found, and the flying activities can be done without any obstruction. Chalk streams and the magic mayfly are the best places in the UK for fly fishing. Besides, other water bodies like lakes, and rivers, where migratory salmon and sea trout are found in abundance.


Though you should have good luck noticing a fish in Russia, still a huge number of fly fishers book anglers every year to target the Atlantic Salmon. The rivers in Russia are generally vast, rugged, and show wilderness. As the salmon are rare and can only be found in this country, a huge amount of money is spent annually targeting them through fly fishing.    


Though the place is very hot and humid, fishing can be a very enjoyable activity. Peacock Bass is a stunning species that can fly when fished from the surface or underwater. The water is so clear that fishes can be targeted individually.


Though the country is small, fly fishing has become very popular recently. There are seasonal windows for short fishing activities. Salmon fishing can be an enjoyable activity where two-digit numbers of fish can be caught.


Alaska is one of the ultimate destinations for fly fishing. The stunning silver Pacific Salmon can be found with other species, which are less talked about.

New Zealand:

Both the North and South islands of New Zealand have plenty of fish for fly fishing activities. Lake Taupo is one water body in the northern part where you can find sufficient fish. Though it is tough fishing on the South Island, you can enjoy the action while finding one fish every mile.


Florida is well known for sports fishing around the world. Massive creatures like Tarpons can be found in the water bodies of Florida. Many of the saltwater species grow in the water bodies, and you can check out bone fishing also.


The water bodies in Cuba are warm and shallow. If you put effort and time, both Tarpons and Bone fishes will be caught on the same day. Silky sharks, Trevally, Lemon, and Snook, are well-known fishes in the fly fishing categories.


In Montana, the river waters are known as Blue-ribbon waters because of their colour. Large numbers of Trophy fishes can be found in the water bodies which are available for fly fishing.


When you want adventure in water sports, you can go fly fishing. You can get an idea of the best places in the world for fly fishing from the above points. Florida, Brazil, Cuba, Iceland, Montana, the United Kingdom, and Russia. And some other countries are well known for fly fishing.