Guided Trips, Workshops & Clinics


Guided Trips:

Local River Wade Trip: Trout – Beginner to expert caster

Small trout rivers where wild brook trout and young steelhead live, enveloped by virgin forest (lots of climbing over down trees). The Eastern UP trout streams are unruly, wild, and not for the faint of heart.  In keeping with the small waters these trout live in, the average size fish will be about 6-8″.  They will however, have big fish attitudes (especially the young steelhead) as they breach and run.  These wild little streams are perfect for the beginner fly fisher to learn how to put it all together, as well as healing waters for the expert as you revert back to your childhood for a Huck Finn kind of day.

Season: May – Sept

(4 hrs)  1st person $150,  $75 additional angler
(8 hrs)  1st person $250,  $75 additional angler (lunch included)


St Mary’s Rapids or local river wading for: Steelhead, Atlantic, Pink, Chinook, Coho – Beginner to expert caster

The famous, classic steelhead waters of the St Mary’s Rapids are fast waters with a high potential for trophy fish that know how to use the hard currents against you. While 9-10ft rods can be used, you can reach much more water with a switch or spey rod.  8/9wt rods are recommended.

A passport or improved license is a must to reach the Rapids as they are in Canada.  A Canadian Fishing License and an “Outdoors Card” is necessary in order to fish the St Mary’s Rapids in addition to a Michigan fishing license.  The rapids are half in the US and half in Canada and we won’t know what waters we will be fishing ahead of time.

Season: Open year round, May-Nov prime time.

Local river steelhead or salmon waters are intimate and wild.  9-10ft, 8wt rods are recommended.

(4hrs) $ 225, 2nd angler $75
(8 hrs) $375, 2nd angler $75 (lunch included)


Drift Boat fishing for Musky, pike/Bass – Beginning to expert caster

Specialized guided trips for the northern strain of musky, pike and bass are consolation prizes in these waters.  The EUP is teaming with musky of all sizes!  Enjoy chasing these warm water species from the comfort of a Hyde drift boat as you take in the raw beauty of the remote wilderness the EUP has to offer, moose and wolves have been spotted!  You don’t have to be an expert caster to catch a Musky on the fly.  I have plenty of waters to match with your skill level.  Be sure to visit the gallery.  The EUP has some of the best waters in Michigan to fly fish for the northern strain of musky, North of Lake St Clair.  Be prepared to get up before the sun does and get off the water just at dark.  Musky fishing is all about putting in long days that are a minimum of 8 hours yet I only charge for 8.

Season: May 15th – November or when ice comes.
(8 hrs)  Up to 2 persons $425 (lunch included)
2 or 3 day Camping overnight (coming soon!)


* All equipment necessary for fly fishing trips is provided  except for waders and wading boots.  If you would like to use your own equipment, feel free to bring it along.  All trips come with snacks and water.  Eight-hour trips come with a lunch purchased from a local food establishment.   Please let me know of any dietary restrictions at booking.  Travel time does not count as a part of the trip time.

Possible Discounts:

  • Subtract $25 automatically from your final bill if you are a repeat customer
  • Subtract $20 from your final bill if we use your vehicle for car spotting
  • Subtract $15 from your final bill if you bring your own snacks/beverages – 4hr trip
  • Subtract $25 from your final bill if you bring your own lunch – 8hr trip
  • Multiple day discounts are available


Call Now To Book A Trip (231-268-0077)  Email:

Be sure to get your  Michigan Fishing License before your scheduled trip.  I will ask to copy down your license number before we hit the water.


With Safety In Mind

For safety, your licensed guide is certified in both CPR and First Aid.  Although fly fishing is a little like golf  (weather never happens on the course) there are times when, for your safety, we will need to cancel scheduled trips.  Rivers that are dam controlled the CFS (cubic foot discharge) flow can vary greatly and your guide is an expert on safe navigation of those rivers and in the final analysis the guide will make the call.  All DNR laws will be strictly obeyed.  It is your responsibility to purchase, before hand, a Michigan fishing license. You may purchase a license on-line at the Michigan DNR. It’s easy!

What To Bring

For trout a 6-7ft, 3-4wt is all you needs.  For bigger game a single handed 9-10ft 7-9wt rods (a switch/spey rod for the St Marys Rapids is not necessary, but helpful to reach more water). Both floating and sink tip lines have their place and may be used based on conditions. If you can bring only one type line, bring a floating line.  Regardless of the weather at the start of the day, you should bring some warm clothing and rain gear. Chest waders & wading staff (for wade trips only), a hat, polarized sun glasses, insect repellent, sun screen, and a camera are all necessary items for an enjoyable day’s fishing.

Sharpening Skills on the Water:

You have my attention for 4-8 hours at a time.  During the lulls of the trip I encourage clients to work on skill sharpening while they have one on one time with an educator.  If you would like to work on a skill, keep it in mind for when we hit the water.  My hope is we won’t have enough time to even think about this, but its always smart to have a few bases covered.  Suggested skill sharpening categories:

  • How to take great fishing photography
  • Reading Water
  • Casting:  Casting heavy flies easily, Single haul, double haul, roll casting, basic spey
  • How to target specific species
  • Knots


Please make your reservations as soon as possible. The best dates book up fast and early!  Call: (231-268-0077)  Email:


You can contact us anytime to cancel your reservation, however your deposit is not refundable if you cancel less than two weeks before your booked trip. We fish rain or shine.

Occasionally, due to an unforeseen situation and/or safety concerns, we may cancel a trip. If this happens (and it’s rare it does) we will attempt to re-book with you on a date that is agreeable to both parties or refund your deposit.

Making a reservation implies your acceptance of our booking and cancellation policies.

Call Now To Book A Trip (231-268-0077)  Email:


Local Workshops:

Fly Tying $175/pp/ ~ the class will consist of five (5) one hour sessions. All materials and tools will be supplied; however we recommend you bring your own tools if you have them.  Your five classes consist of: Streamer, Nymph, Softhackle, Emerger and Dry Fly.  That’s only $35 a class, what a deal!

Basic Casting Instruction $50/pp/ 2hr ~ Everything from how to string up a rod to placing a fly where you want it will be covered. This 2 hour clinic will give you the basics that will put you on the water and catching fish.  Seasoned fly fishing staff will be your instructors.

Advance Casting $50/pp/2hr ~ A comprehensive class, taught by our staff, in which you will learn advance techniques such as “mending line” and the “double haul”.  We’re confident you’ll become a better fly caster and fly fisher as a result of this clinic.



DNR BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) Winter Retreat 2016 Feb 26-28th

Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay – stay tuned for the registration in the coming weeks!!  Reel North will be teaching a fly tying class.

Wisconsin Women’s Fly Fishing Retreat June 15-19th, 2016

For the 6th year in a row I’ll be part of an all female teaching team in the heart of the Driftless area of WI.  This is a Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited sponsored clinics for women.  Providing women the confidence to explore Wisconsin’s coldwater streams and the flyfishing community by making them comfortable with the language, streamside etiquette, and the equipment; instilling within them the wonderment of trout stream country’s flora and fauna; and having fun.

Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited is excited to offer the third annual three day Basic Women’s Flyfishing Clinic and the first annual Advanced Women’s Flyfishing Clinic. For more information and to register visit….


DNR Beyond BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) Salmon Clinic Sept 27th-28th, 2015

Third annual overnight camping clinic.  This is an introductory workshop to migratory salmon.  10 participants max.  We have a refresher course on casting & knots after a brief education session about salmon.  Early Friday evening we hit the water and again Saturday morning to afternoon.   We close with lunch and a gear show educating other anglers about the multiple gear options available.


To Book A Trip or inquire about the workshops (231-268-0077)  Email:


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