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I had an excellent steelhead experience with my first-ever guided fishing trip. There was great pre-trip communication ahead of time, so that I was prepared in every way for my trip. And since it was a cross-border outing, there was a bit more involved that remembering my wading shoes and sunglasses.  I found Nome to be a very knowledgeable guide and a born teacher. I received instruction and advice and an answer to any question I had, and I had a lot of them. She also spent time with me after our stream session, helping me select equipment and tackle.

My goal was to get a jump start on what I plan to be a long-term investment in learning to fish the St. Mary’s rapids. I informed Nome of my motive ahead of time and I believe she helped me accomplished that goal and that I gained a functional starting point and a comfort level in pursuing my knowledge of fly fishing the St. Mary’s Rapids.

P.I. of Sault Ste Marie, MI


I’ve had the good fortune to take a fly fishing class with Nome Buckman of Reel North, LLC. After years of spin casting, I wanted to give fly fishing a try. Having no experience, Nome was able to teach me how to cast a fly rod, assess my natural casting style, and help me gain the confidence needed to purchase my first fly rod. Not only did she explain the different types of rods available, she presented several types of casts and discussed various flies and the materials used to produce different actions in the water. I really appreciated how she took the time to answer my questions, not only the how’s, but also the whys. I highly recommend Nome Buckman and Reel North, LLC for anyone interested in learning how to fly fish. No pressure, excellent communication skills, great patience, very knowledgeable, and, best of all, FUN!

R.M. Belgium, WI


I’m pretty sure that Nome Buckman is indeed the “fishiest” angler I have ever known, and she’s an absolutely brilliant guide! When you fish with Nome, it’s apparent that she is completely and utterly in-love with fly fishing. Nome has an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge in regards to all things FISHY, that curiosity means that not only is Nome extremely well rounded, but she is someone that will never stop improving her craft. And, she’s just plain fun!

G.M. Avalanche, WI


Nome is a great teacher because she takes the time to find the connection between her students and nature then teaches from that angle. She has patience and listens well. She makes learning so much fun!  When being guided I liked how Nome made sure we went over safety first.  As a total beginner, this was most valuable to me and she made sure I was always safe while wading. It was lots of fun and I’d gladly do it again.

L.Q. Minneapolis, MN


I had never before held a fly rod, Nome is a very patient teacher – and teaching this “lefty” how to cast a fly rod was not an easy task. Her knowledge on and off the water is vast. Nome helped me to pick out the best fly rod within my budget.  I have had the pleasure of fishing with Nome multiple times, and caught my first bluegill with her while fly-fishing out of my boat, on waters unfamiliar to Nome.  It is because of Nome’s contagious love of fly fishing, I now have caught the fever – and for that I am most grateful.

C.H. Milwaukee, WI


“I highly recommend Nome Buckman as a Fly Fishing Guide! Nome has great depth of knowledge and skills in the the art of fly fishing. She was able to offer spot on correction to my failing casts and within a short time I was able to make successful casts! I was impressed with her ability to read the river currents and locate fish on a river she had not ever fished before! She is professional, knowledgeable and a great teacher. I really enjoyed the day, caught fish and learned so much!”

H.H. Oxford, WI


K.B. Jackson, NH

I have fished with Nome Buckman of Reel North LLC for a number of years, essentially being guided by her on most of our outings.  She is a patient teacher with a wealth of knowledge in the techniques of fly fishing.  Her own prowess in the sport is unmatched by many veteran fishermen.  Add to this Nome’s familiarity with so many excellent fishing spots, and you have the perfect fly fishing guide.  Thank you for helping me catch and land my largest wild rainbow trout to date.

K.B. Jackson, NH


I have had the pleasure of fishing with Nome Buckman on two occasions in New Hampshire. Once while visiting and once after relocating to the area and preparing to learn my new home waters. That I chose to fish with her a second time obviously speaks to the quality of my first experience. It was a great loss that she moved shortly after to Michigan! Nome has a love, enthusiasm, and skill for the sport that is infectious and inspiring. She has patience and an aptitude for teaching that allowed her to graciously suffer my own angling shortcomings while building my skills, and thus enjoyment and success. If I ever leave these mountain streams for a trip to Michigan, I know who I will be calling to help me find the fish. And, as my first trip to the Androscoggin with her proved, she can handle bears.

EB.J. Holderness, NH


Nome is a very knowledgeable and patient guide, and a wonderful person to share the water with who brings much more to the table than just fish (pun intended). She taught me not only additional tactics for locating and enticing trout, but also the various connections between our surroundings of a river environment. A particular flower coming into bloom suggests a particular insect will be hanging around, and that insect acts a particular way – it was a real eye-opening experience. I only wish I met her earlier before she left for Michigan – I hope the folks in the U.P. take full advantage!

C.S. of Greater Boston Area, MA



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