Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re a Fly Fishing Dork



10. All electronics you buy must now be waterproof or fit into a waterproof container.

9. Trout Unlimited starts mailing membership letters to your house, but you’ve never signed up before and don’t know how they got your address.

8. You start asking around for scraps of animal fur from hunters and friends pets, begin to eyeball roadkill in a completely new light and rugs in the homes of your relatives. (You know you have…)

7. While others are talking about the football score, you’re day dreaming about that new streamer and whether it will work at the tail of that new pool you found.

6. You suddenly are obsessed with maps and topography, and begin to waste hours on Google Earth trying to decide if it is a new branch of the stream or just the glare of the sun.

5. Whether it is 32 degrees, 62 degrees, or 82 degrees, you are still waist deep in water.

4. Your hands smell like fish, your clothes smell like fish, but you’re eating chili-mac for dinner.

3. You periodically ensure that you hands have plenty of moisturizer on them so that later the tying thread doesn’t snag on your cracked skin.

2. You will go anywhere on vacation… as long as there is water near by.

1. When people ask if you have a hobby, you reply that you fish – which is a gross understatement.





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