M&M, The Milkweed Midge

Vegetarians fish too ‘ya know! The least likely place a fly tier would think to find material is from a weed; but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. The milkweed fibers are perfect for dubbing and, if you can harvest them correctly, they make great streamers. They respond very well to natural dyes. I’m partial to orange myself.

Milkweed has some of the same qualities as polar bear fibers. Once this fly is in the water the fibers turn almost translucent, and the faint ribbing of the black thread used to wrap the milkweed becomes visible. Very buggy! I’ve been using the M&M for three years on the ultra finicky trout at Moody Pond, and it seems to fool them when the midge hatch is on.

Milkweed Midge:

  • Size #18 dry fly hook – I find that the finer dry fly hooks works best for me
  • 6/0 black thread
  • Wings – two strands of krystal flash folded over
  • Body – Milkweed (fluff) – roll it on as you would with any dubbing
  • Build the head with thread
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